Official KUHL Men's Jacket Items On Sale

While others seek shelter from the storm, we face it head-on! With the right gear, we are more confident to reach that next objective, to climb the next cliff, to track our way through unpaved trails. And we believe all of it should be affordable!

Xplor8r pushes the motto "High peaks, low prices" to the next level, and delivers the best deals on KUHL men's outerwear - built for rugged work and play. From discounted hiking jackets, vests, hoodies - to top performance and year-round outer layers, Xplor8r makes this brand steal available for all outdoor enthusiasts!
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Outerwear - 3 Items

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  1. M's Firefly Vest
    As low as $119.00 Regular Price $170.00 (-30.00%)
  2. M's Firefly Jacket
    As low as $133.00 Regular Price $190.00 (-30.00%)
  3. M's Travrse Pullover
    As low as $97.30 Regular Price $139.00 (-30.00%)

Outerwear - 3 Items

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